Fostering A Strong & Healthy Culture In Remote Teams

Over the recent years, remote work has become the norm in many organizations all over the world. This is a phenomenon which, according to experts, is likely to increase over the coming years. Given the restrictions that this work setup has over communication, there may be times that teams may not be fully aligned both as to functions and culture. Unlike in the traditional office setup where this dilemma can easily be resolved, it can be much more complicated for remote teams.

How to Make it Work for Remote Teams

Make Communication a Priority

According to studies, 44% of remote workers fear a loss of connection among their colleagues, which may result in an unhappy team or even an unstable work culture. Many employees have also reported to experience anxiety at organizations communicating vaguely or not all, decreasing work performance and negatively affecting their interpersonal relationship with their colleagues.

This can be resolved by consistent and direct communication, which, according to experts, can boost employee well-being and satisfaction. In fact, employees who are consistently communicated with are likely to feel more included and are nearly five times more productive.

Make Your Expectations Known

Setting expectations and making them known help employees to evaluate their own standards at work and determine how they can do better as a team. Especially when these goals come even with the simplest reward of commendation, it could motivate them more to do their best even in a remote location.

During remote work at the onset of the pandemic, 56% of employees even experienced burnout, possibly reducing the time they work at home and minimizing their drive to make their performance better. By setting expectations, however, managers can ensure that workers will be able to finish whatever is assigned to them while allowing them to collaborate more. Eventually, this generates a competitive remote team.

Be More Available

Making employees feel supported and heard will allow them to voice out their concerns more for managers to resolve. Whatever it is that may hinder remote teams from doing their best due to personal or organizational struggles can be timely prevented when managers become more available. This can also motivate them more, as they see their leaders becoming one with them through their difficult times and celebrating with them in their wins.

Making it Easier

Constantly communicating with employees and making oneself available as a manager for remote teams may be challenging given the constraints as to time and location differences. However, technology has become more advanced to accommodate these contemporary work changes to ensure productivity regardless. With the help of cloud HR software, all these tips can easily be implemented.

Cloud HR software provides a platform for managers to oversee their employees with ease. From training and competency management to performance evaluation, setting goals and monitoring possible challenges can be made easy.

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