Payroll Services

Deliver A Timely, Accurate & Secure Payroll

BSH simplifies the payroll process through one-click payroll generation with its operational environment. Our robust multi-country payroll platform tackles conflicting regulations and data restrictions to calculate each employee’s payroll in a timely and accurate manner.

Through the payroll software, HR professionals can predefine yearly cycles and timetables while also allowing them the flexibility to adjust these at any time. Payroll managers can also adjust pay dates, payslip delivery dates and off-cycle runs.

The frictionless payroll processing makes the monitoring of operational efficiencies effortless through its ability to track reruns, processing time and the reason for reruns. As a defining feature, it has the capacity to generate reports allowing our specialists to analyze processing time and data involving recurrent issues. These reports enable our team in making data-based informed decisions when it comes to managing our clients’ employee payroll.

HR And Payroll Softwares

Different Modes Of Payroll Processing

Managed Services

Outsourcing payroll processing through our managed service offers reduced costs and better allocation of resources. This enables HR managers to focus on other areas, including employee development. Payroll outsourcing provides flexibility, ensures compliance and eliminates long hours of outdated papertrail and manual handling.

In-House Processing Mode

BSH’s in-house processing provides a payroll solution that businesses can use on their premises. Through this processing mode, businesses can take ownership of their HR processes and develop internal skill dependency. Companies that are constantly changing HR strategies and rethinking their HR operating models can greatly benefit from this type of set up.

Efficient. Cost-Effective. Compliant.

Key Payroll Functions

  1. Customizable Pay Element Setup & Rules
    An integral part of the payroll system is the flexible means in which a company’s payroll infrastructure and rules can be set up within the system. Individual pay elements and their associated rules, as well as payroll groups, periods and types, can all be easily set up within the software. In addition, rules for the processing allowances such as overtime, absence, benefits and more, are able to be predefined for your company or structured based on the country regulations.
  2. Payroll Generation And Reversal
    Automatically generate payrolls and reverse as needed with a click of a button. Our payroll software allows auto-reversal of all calculations to correct inaccurate information or add additional information.
  3. Compliant Country-Based Calculations
    Our seamless payroll management system takes the country’s tax system and social security laws into consideration as part of its initial setup as well as when these statutory laws and labor regulations are updated. These rules ensure that payroll calculations are compliant with the law at all times.
  4. Accruals Calculations And Posting
    Our payroll software automates accrual calculations and GL posting along with payslips. The HR manager also has access to specialized reports that can be generated automatically and delivered as required. These include the generation of appropriate bank files and fund requests, all utilising the prerequisite structure and naming convention.
  5. Automated Payslip Delivery
    Utilising robust payroll technology, organizations can receive payslips automatically, on predefined dates, via secure email or via a well-encrypted portal.
  6. Multi-country, Multi-currency, Multi-entity
    Our software provides clients with ultimate benefit to set up their pay groups at entity, country or cross-country levels as well as defining currency requirements at multiple levels from entity levels to individual pay element levels. Full customization of the pay group structures means that your company setup is truly reflected in our platform.BSH’s payroll solutions, whether outsourced managed or in-house processing, aim to streamline the HR manager’s work with regards to calculating employee payroll. Payroll automation ensures companies provide the accurate salary on time as well as facilitate an efficient flow of functions between the company’s HR and accounting departments.