“I have personally had experiences in North America with home grown systems, Datatel, and PeopleSoft. I find the hrbase BSH product to be superior. I would highly recommend this company and this product to anyone who is looking for a quality human resource system.”

Jim Horn

Zayed University – UAE


“The main reason we selected BSH was due to the ability of the system to meet not only the current needs of the Bank but also the future requirements, and its scalability and modular concept.”

Julia Lambert

Head of HR NBQ – UAE


“What we found the best about hrbase are the great flexibility, customizability, and user friendliness. We also found that BSH people are professional, dedicated, and hard workers. We would highly recommend this company and its product to anyone who is looking for a well-designed HR Management system.”

Hazim Al Dabbagh

HR Director Savola Group


“Occidental of Oman has seen lots of capabilities and potentials in the hrbase system and this was the reason behind our selection of BSH. Not to mention the quality of the support we got from BSH staff, their willingness and eagerness to ensure our satisfaction with the service provided”

Haifa Al Lawatia

HR systems

Dubai Health

“hrbase helped our organization’s HR department to improve their processes and serve hospital staff in a decentralized fashion. The implementation was very successful. The vendor was very supportive and responsive to all kinds of reported incidents to the level that we considered them as partners and not contractors. I find the BSH product to be superior. I would highly recommend this company and this product to anyone who is looking for the best quality Human Resources System.”

Sina AbdulAziz Khoory

IT Director – Dubai Department of Health & Medical Services


“hrbase helped our HR department to improve the HR processes. It is flexible and adaptable to our needs. I would highly recommend this company and this product to anyone who is looking for the stability and best quality of HR Systems.”

Hani Khajah

MIS Manager – Easa Husain Al Yousifi Est. Kuwait

Arabia insurance

“We have no doubts that Arabia was right in its choice of this application as it is a fully integrated system that meets Arabia current and future needs. We would like also to express our gratitude for the support team of BSH for their continuous support after implementation. We have no objection in recommending the hrbase provided by BSH to any other company that is willing to have such a comprehensive and advanced system.”

Garo Sajian

IT Dept. Manager – Arabia Insurance Co. – Lebanon


“Business Systems House is one of Oracle’s leading certified partners in the region. BSH’s HR and Payroll solutions for the Middle East are built on Oracle Database and Oracle Application Server and are designed to deliver rich functionality for both enterprise and mid market organizations in full integration with the Oracle E-Business Special Edition; the combined offerings provide a comprehensive and affordable business solutions for a wide range of organizations.”

Husam Dajani

 Vice President – Oracle Middle East and Africa


“The hrbase software, powered by Oracle and Sun delivers optimum business performance, and is the only regionally tailored end-to-end solution of its caliber for the Middle East market.”

Shomail Ghalib

Managing Director – Tech Access, Sun Channel Development Provider ME


“hrbase is a flexible and comprehensive e-business solution, which is designed to help achieve the strategic goals of growing business and government organizations by providing a foundation for workforce optimization, management and skills development.”

Marc de Marcillac

Head of Consulting – GBM, sole distributor for IBM in the Gulf