Implementation, Data Preparation, Integration


BSH has developed a sealed end-to-end implementation process starting from gap analysis, data collection till performing a parallel run. The gap analysis phase is guided by a cloud-base workbook to collect setup parameters, controls and required add-ons. A user friendly cloud-base project management tool allows sharing between the client and BSH to monitor the progress and tracks task execution at both ends. Implementation Consultants and officers receive automated reports and alerts as a reminder to close actions on time to avoid delays. Delays can be accommodated and plans are adjusted automatically.

This solid process and the implementation expertise of managing very large projects built since 1993, has enabled BSH to perform complex implementations in less than 3 months. Most small & medium business clients have gone live in under two months.

Data Preparation, Migration & Integration

Large clients continue to face the challenge of data preparation namely data collection, validation, editing before releasing it to their payroll function and/ or to the outsourcing vendor. They demand a single workstation to view/ edit all input coming from different systems such as HCM, Time, Bonus, manual feed, excel sheets, etc. They also require tools to help them in data migrations from existing systems to the new platform.

Building on its extensive data migration experience working with large clients since 1993 and its powerful data mapping and loading tools (BSH Loader), BSH continue to deliver custom solutions to help clients manage (migrate, prepare, validate, edit) their input and integrate with the BSH payroll platform directly to their different systems or via a middle service provider platform. Integration projects have been implemented with leading global vendors (ADP, Workday, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Sage and others) enabling fast and automated data import and export.

Once data is validated and loaded, authorized users (client or BSH payroll specialists) can access a single hub to review and edit the input before releasing to processing. Audit trails allow to identify who and when data was edited.

In parallel to the currently one-to-one available service, BSH is investing in a generic platform ‘CSW- Client Specific Workstation’ and to upgrade its BSH loader to a powerful connector tool ‘CPC-Client Platform Connector’ allowing platform users to setup their data fields & validations rules for a specific country; client officers to map their data sources & fields to the platform’s defined fields and perform needed mapping. Clients will be able to view and edit the data in CSW as per their own format and set validations. Once client data is released, the CPC tool will convert the data into PSW (‘Platform Workstation’) for further review, validation by the platform payroll officer before processing.

CSW and CPC availability is scheduled in Q3, 2020.