Employee Self Service

ESS Web Services

BSH platform across all business areas is driven by a user friendly-Employee Self Service module allowing applicants, employees, managers and officers to inquire, submit and approve/reject requests as well as have access to intelligent reporting for decision making.

Mobile Services

BSH will start early 2020 the phased rollout of a mobile premium service enabling the deployment of ESS web services on the mobile. The mobile service will support iOS and Android platforms.

At BSH, we aim to be a catalyst in organizational efficiency through the improvement of HR processes. Across all business areas, our platform is driven by a user-friendly Employee Self Service (ESS) module that reduces the administrative work of HR professionals while empowering the HR team and encouraging autonomy within the organization. With our ESS system, managers have access to intelligent reporting for better decision making and planning.

Features Of Employee Self Service (ESS)

Online Payslips

Loan Management

Ticket Management

Leave Management

Travel & Expense Claims

Time & Attendance

Schooling Allowances

Benefit Claims

Frictionless HR Processes

Our ESS system bolsters overall productivity and long-term growth by empowering employees and reducing HR managers’ heavy administrative tasks. Employers benefit from not having to manually respond to routine transactional requests, while employees enjoy ease of access to HR services without the hassle of sending emails or filling out forms.

Key Features

  • Everything in one place
    Business owners can secure and protect all critical data in one sophisticated portal instead of utilizing multiple files or systems. This feature of the ESS portal increases time-efficiency in an organization and helps reduce internal costs.
  • Conveniently access employee information at any time
    As an online portal accessible anywhere, our ESS system makes it easier for employers and employees to inquire, submit and approve or reject requests from anywhere via an easy-to-use interface.
  • Receive notifications and alerts of any changes.
    The ESS system utilizes a workflow-based approval system along with efficient timely notifications regarding any status changes and alerts for vital information.
  • Enhance All Your HR Processes With One Click
    BSH has initiated a phased rollout of a mobile premium service enabling the deployment of our ESS system’s web services as a mobile app. The robust and technologically advanced mobile service will launch on iOS and Android platforms.

Key Benefits

  • Improved Mobility & Agility
    The ESS platform minimizes the need for manual logging, human errors and ensures vital data is stored and protected in one place.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Experience quick delivery of payslips and other essential information, saving time and eliminating risks associated with poor communication.
  • Amplified Transparency
    Enhance the communication between employers and employees by displaying clear and concise information on the mobile ESS portal.
  • Optimal Productivity
    Business owners and managers can focus on other significant aspects of their business.