Benefits Management

We understand that offering benefits to your employees is essential. It lets your company show how you are invested in them, especially when it comes to their overall health, work-life balance and their future.

Having an employee benefits package in place not only attracts top talent but also helps in employee retention. BSH differentiates your business from competitors with an HR software that manages employee benefits effectively while ensuring you comply with labor laws and regulations.

The following employee benefits are web and workflow-based services available in both Processing and Managed services modes in full integration with payroll.


Company loans are a way for businesses to aid employees in their financial challenges. It also builds loyalty and employee morale within the business. Offering such benefits also enhances the company’s reputation as an entity that takes care of its employees. Finally, providing company loans contribute to your employee retention and turnover rates.

Our benefits management system provides employees, managers and officers with a highly efficient environment to request and approve loans of different types (house, car, personal, etc.).

benefit management

Key Functions

Setup loans: types, eligibility rules, controls

Loan requests: new requests, approval and rejection via a predefined workflow process

Loan summary: settled, balance, left/period, number of pending installments

Managerial reports


Employers often provide tickets for their employees who have completed a period of service to the company, depending on the employee’s contract type. It is beneficial to have a robust platform to plan, request and approve yearly tickets for them and their families with required eligibility rules and validations.

The key functions of this service are listed below

  1. Setup eligibility and validations: self and/or family entitlement, period, due date, ticket class, route, maximum amount; predefined route prices
  2. Ticket values: ticket values can be defined to be based on ticket price, fixed amount or formulas
  3. Multiple beneficiaries can be handled in one request
  4. Managerial reports


Several companies offer schooling allowances for their employee’s dependents to help with their education. BSH’s benefits management software enables HR managers to efficiently plan, request and approve schooling fees for the employees’ children with required eligibility rules and validations.

The key functions of this service are listed below:

  • Setup eligibility and validation rules: academic year, children entitlement, maximum number of children, maximum amount, etc.
  • Schooling amount: amounts can be defined to be either fixed or formula-based (e.g. percent of base salary)
  • Multiple beneficiaries can be handled in one request
  • Managerial reports
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For businesses who provide specific benefits for their employees, BSH’s software can be tailored to your organization. Thanks to our technical and functional expertise in customizing benefits schemes for more than 30 multinationals operating across the Middle East, we have the capability to customize client-specific benefits schemes.