One Click oPay Payroll Factory

oPay Payroll Factory

Since embarking in 2009 into the payroll outsourcing business, BSH has quickly realized that to survive and scale volumes in the demanding payroll service business; payroll officers and/ or vendors must respond to clients’ growing demands for fast turnarounds, accuracy and security to shorten the payroll cycle and allow them to delay the cut-off dates and pay employees the maximum possible of their due commissions, bonus and  overtimes in the same month. It was obvious that such goal can only be met by high degree of automation away from traditional manual and semi-manual processes, reliance on payroll specialists and limited tools.

Following more than 5 years of continuous and heavy investment, BSH prides itself to have reached a level of high automation namely through gradual deployment of the oPay payroll production environment that is fully integrated with BSH’ payroll platform, ADP’ platforms and/or renowned HCM’ platforms (Workday, Oracle, SAP, Navision, CDK, etc.) to deliver an end-to-end automated process driven by few One-click actions to process the payroll, auto-audit input & processing, auto-generate payroll reports, pay-slips, bank files and finance reports.

The fully automated oPay and BSH multi-country payroll platform (we like to refer to it as BSH Payroll Factory) have positioned BSH to easily scale in volumes and to respond to clients’ &/or service providers’ demands for fast, accurate and secure deliverables.

Quote to Cash Suite

In addition, to the oPay operating environment, BSH has fully automated the full cycle of Quote-to-Cash to streamline the processes of sales, client on-boarding, service delivery, production management, account management, billing and collection.