Leave of Absence

HR managers have the responsibility to ensure the correct and accurate record of employee attendance. Our robust HR attendance management system can effectively create attendance reports that provide insights into the employees’ schedules.

From a manager’s standpoint, it optimizes their performance as our software streamlines attendance processing while ensuring accuracy and consistency. It also minimizes the risk of time theft and manual errors.

Leave Management

HR And Payroll Softwares

At BSH, we recognize the importance of monitoring and measuring absences – both planned (annual, sick, unpaid) and unplanned. Our software allows HR managers the ability to generate and analyze reports to assess if existing initiatives to reduce unplanned absences are effective.

In terms of leave accrual, the platform allows HR managers to track leave balances to accurately award and approve planned absences (leaves) or time-off requests without the need for manual transactional processes.

This web-workflow-based service is available in Processing mode in full integration with payroll and Time & Attendance. It provides employees, managers & officers with a highly efficient environment to plan, request, and approve statutory leave types with required eligibility rules & validations.

Key Functions

  • Setup Leave types: Annual, Sick, Unpaid, etc.
  • Setup Leave rules: Entitlement, Entitlement Period, Minimum Service Period, Maximum Open Balance
  • Leave requests: New, Cancel, Return from leave
  • Inquire leave balance at a certain date
  • Managerial reports

Time & Attendance

Sifting through long ledgers or spreadsheets can be time consuming and tedious. We eliminated that by providing HR managers the ability to generate and pull data for an employee with regards to their attendance promptly, as needed.

This web and workflow-based service is available in Processing mode in full integration with payroll and the Leave Management services. It provides employees, managers and officers with a highly efficient environment to register work schedules, and review and release overtime entitlements / absence deductions to payroll.

Key functions

Setup time schedules, public holidays & weekends

Setup overtime and absence formulas

Load and edit in/out transactions

Review overtime or absence hours; post to payroll

Simplify and streamline your time, attendance, and leave processing with a robust and cost-effective cloud-based software. Cut the time you spent on manually handling attendance processes so you can focus more on what matters to your business – the people. Work smarter with BSH today!