The Importance Of Employee Feedback For Organizational Success

Studies show that 65% of employees would prefer to get more feedback from their employers. Although the best managers know that this, too, is essential for the development of every team and organization, it nevertheless is difficult to be accomplished correctly. In fact, 1 in 5 employees are even unsatisfied with the frequency of the feedback they get, while 30% wish that they can get more from their peers.

To help more managers in devising plans to improve their feedbacking mechanisms, we have gathered some of the most important reasons why employee feedback is essential to the success of every organization.

It Offers an Avenue for Improvement

Some managers may think that the purpose of providing feedback alone is to let their employees know about problems in their work behavior that they have not paid attention to. However, this may not always be the case. In a survey conducted by Harvard, 74% out of 3,875 respondents noted that they were already aware of the issues they have before they got the feedback.

With this, we can see that the underlying reason why employees could not improve their behavior is due to the lack of strategy. Pointing out unwanted behaviors alone may not always suffice in the absence of constructive criticisms that will allow them to determine where they can start making improvements. Through a proper feedback mechanism like this, they, too, can devise solutions, ensuring that the next time they work, they give better approaches in contributing more to the success of the company.

It Enhances the Morale of Employees

Employees who are satisfied and happy with their work tend to show a more positive approach in what they do, increasing their morale and positively impacting their team. By providing them feedback and allowing them to discover how they can improve their performance through this, they can feel more emotionally at ease and become more vocal in what they think the company can do better. Eventually, this will lead to a positive work environment where all employees are encouraged to perform better, which, in turn, results in a higher return of investment.

It Improve the Skills of the Workforce

Giving regular feedback is not merely limited to providing constructive criticisms, but it also opens a door for continuous learning that can support the development of employees in their career – a significant element in employee retention. This allows them to determine what their areas for improvement are and work on them through continuing education, training, and seminars that can add-up their skills and enhance their strengths. In turn, this will improve a company’s bottom line, allowing them to develop more products and services that will eventually lead to higher profits.

Make it Easier

Devising the right approach to giving employees feedback may be challenging, considering their number, the time constraints managers have, and the lack of methods that are yet to be developed. With the help of cloud HR software, however, all these can be easily accomplished.

HR systems in Dubai have incorporated a human capital management tool that allows managers to conduct performance evaluations and competency management with ease. Through this, managers and employees alike can access reviews, conduct self-evaluations, and see their performance scores. With a dynamic tool like this, feedbacking can be simplified and processes can be streamlined.

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