Why Employee Self Service Is A Game Changer

Did you know that HR specialists can spend up to 60% of their time on administrative tasks? Commonly, these  are  data encoding, monitoring and approval of employee requests, and other paperworks. Nowadays when compliance to employment regulations continue to become more complex, and given the contemporary changes in work trends, spending more time on these incidental tasks may divert an HR manager’s time away from more pressing business concerns. To sort things out and make things easier for them to manage, employee self service portal (ESS portal) has become a crucial tool.

Features of an ESS Portal

Making transactions easier, an ESS portal allows employees to:

Generate Online Payslips

Being one of the most complex, yet crucial functions of an HR department, an accurate payroll transaction is key to enhanced employee engagement and job satisfaction. Through an ESS portal, employees can easily monitor their payments, deductions, accruals, and commissions to see if they are accurate. By displaying payslips on time, HR visits during cutoff periods can also be limited and resources  from printing and handing hard copies over can be saved.

Claim Loans, Leaves, and Benefits

From the word “self-service” itself, an ESS portal allows employees to check, request for, and claim their loans, leaves, and benefits, while enabling HR managers to monitor these requests for timely approval. This eliminates the frequent visits of employees to the HR department’s office, allowing them to spend their time more on work and less on administrative transactions.

Time and Attendance Checking

Manual attendance can be time consuming both for employees and HR managers. While the former have to request to make changes on their own records, the latter would have to manually process all these transactions and data from time to time. To ease things out, an ESS portal incorporates a time and attendance checking feature for employees to easily enter their attendance and to check and request for corrections online. This also allows managers to save time as the system itself generates the overall attendance report.

Key Benefits

Allows HR Managers to Monitor Employees with Ease

By allowing employees to request and claim services online, an ESS portal enables HR managers to check and timely approve requests and to see the overview of the status of each of their employees’ remaining benefits and time offs from anywhere they are. Whether they are under an office or remote work setup, they will be able to access the records they need at any time and from any location.

Accurate and Reliable Records

An ESS portal allows HR managers to ease their paperwork by providing a feature for employees to edit their personal information and submit supporting documents. This eliminates traditional data management, while making sure that employee information is still protected in the software.

More Efficient HR Department

ESS portals allow HR managers to reduce their administrative workload by 40% by delegating time-consuming tasks to employees themselves. This allows them to spend more attention on key business issues for the long-term success of the company.

ESS Portal as a Game Changer

Employee self service provides a more efficient approach on HR management. It allows HR managers to focus on core activities while ensuring accurate and secure data input and monitoring. Not only that, but it also offers the possibility of streamlining employee transactions for a happier workforce.

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