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Technological developments have been recently dominating all industries, including the human resource (HR) sector. With the steady increase in IT hardware investments over the years, the introduction of cloud computing, a computer system resource that allows the delivery of various services through the internet, was made possible.

This development shed light on how the HR industry can streamline its processes. Eventually, more organizations became engaged with it, giving rise to the expansion of HR softwares. With its help, HR managers have become more efficient in implementing and performing tasks that were previously difficult to complete manually.

Today, as more technological advancements occur, especially in the Industry 4.0 era, HR softwares are now taking over human capital management. Here’s why: 


It Bridges the Gap Between the HR Department and the Employees


Traditionally, there exists a gap between the HR department and the employees due to the confinement of certain information to the former and the lack of efficient means and methods to make such information available to the latter. This results in employees often becoming disengaged, as they are not given certain reports that are essential to their work performance, like post-evaluation results, promptly, which are necessary for their development.

However, by utilizing cloud-based HR softwares, all data in an organization can be centralized and accessible to all employees and departments, at any time and from any location. Aside from that, HR managers are given a platform to set actionable goals that all employees can see at the same time, allowing them to better administer company policies that promote a positive work environment.


It Makes HR Management Easier 


With the bulk of employee transactions it handles, most HR departments become stuck doing paperwork daily. In fact, a study by Forrester Research reveals that on average, more than 50% of the department’s time is spent processing employee information and answering questions. With organizations intending to integrate more large data into HR by 82%, as reported by the Economist Intelligence Unit, HR managers may find it difficult to stay on top of its core processes.

However, with the use of HR softwares, workforce administration becomes automated, thereby simplifying all HR processes and transactions. With a functional and robust IT platform in the Cloud that can be accessed via web or mobile, HR managers will be able to integrate and streamline all processes into a single software, from any location and at any time. This reduces routine administration and paperwork, as the system itself can automatically track and generate data for reporting and other purposes.


It Allows HR Managers to Stay Focused on Core Transactions


HR departments tend to rely on paper and manual transactions to manage their employees, which takes too much of their time. These documents are usually stored in multiple paper files that may take too long to manually input into monitoring tools. However, when HR software is used, all processes such as payroll, hiring, and benefits management are integrated into a single platform that automatically tracks data and generates reports for HR managers to review. In effect, the time normally spent on manual transactions can now be devoted to more important matters, such as employee development, which is the core function of human capital management.

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