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How To Ensure Confidentiality When Outsourcing Services?

Without a doubt, outsourcing services provide businesses with a competitive advantage, as many services typically offered in-house, like payroll, come to the ambit of trained experts outside the organization, allowing them to save money and time. This enables companies to become more focused on core...
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Increasing HR Efficiency With Employee Self Service

  Time and time again, reports have shown that human resource (HR) managers spend most of their time on paperwork and administrative tasks. In a 2020 study conducted by Emplicity, HR advice and recommendations provider, it was even shown that 33% of an HR manager’s...
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Augmenting Business Outcomes With Competency Management

Employees are the foundation of any organization's success. When employees are engaged and productive, businesses are more likely to succeed. However, the more apathetic and disengaged they are, the more likely it is that organizations will face setbacks. To ensure that organizations foster competent, engaged,...
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Why HR Softwares Are Taking Over Human Capital Management

Technological developments have been recently dominating all industries, including the human resource (HR) sector. With the steady increase in IT hardware investments over the years, the introduction of cloud computing, a computer system resource that allows the delivery of various services through the internet, was...
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Cloud Payroll Solutions

How The Cloud Has Helped Protect Payroll Software

Payroll is a function that can be legally ethically and sensitive. Therefore, protecting its data and ensuring a secure process is a key responsibility of any business. This is why many systems and platforms are introduced to safely manage an organisation’s payroll. One of the...
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Payroll Management

Your Name On The Payroll, Types Of Salaries And What To Expect

Payroll is a business function that significantly influences the employees of an organisation. While it is a commonly used term in any business setting, it is still a new concept for many fresh graduates or those joining a professional workplace for the first time. Here...
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The Importance of Specialized Software in Managing Year-To-Date Expenses

YTD (year-to-date) is a time-based metric term used in accounting and bookkeeping. We explain what it means, when it is utilized, and why it’s essential to manage your company’s YTD expenses properly.  What does YTD mean? The term “year-to-date” (YTD) is a time-based financial management...
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Examining Different Payroll Structures

Many factors like budgets, operations, and other organisational considerations play a vital role in determining a company’s payment and payroll strategy. For instance, small companies may not be able to pay the higher wages that large companies are able to but may choose to promote employees quicker...
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