The ESS Portal: How Can You Digitally Empower Your Staff Today

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A company’s employee self-service portal allows employees to become empowered by giving them the independence to take charge of a range of administrative-heavy tasks. The accountability factor not only boosts employee confidence but strengthens their link with the company as well. The rising number of empowered employees at an organization also helps increase the company’s productivity and growth in the long term. 

The New Employee

With the use of cloud HR software, existing employees can search for open positions on the company website by simply logging in to their user account. They can upload their documents, check the status of their application, and receive alerts for interviews. 

Similarly, new employees can log in to the portal to receive important onboarding information. They can take part in a virtual orientation in which they will be informed of key information on their job duties and office policies. 

The Satisfied Employee

HR personnel across the board are aware of the fact that a satisfied employee is less likely to look for a change. Job satisfaction plays a substantial role in maintaining productivity levels, and it has become even more important in these challenging times. 

When each employee has the opportunity to update and improve intra-organizational communication via the ESS portal, it will make them more responsible and attentive, encouraging them to stay connected to the organization. Staff morale will increase when they realize they can access crucial information such as payroll, medical benefits, and time-off requests without needing initiated action.

The Productive Employee

Employees become more proactive when they are given more responsibility and independence. The use of an online portal not only allows employees to make required changes to personal information quickly and accurately but also increases the efficiency of employee communication. 

Staff can take it upon themselves to complete basic HR tasks so senior managers can focus their attention on more important projects rather than responding to routine employee inquiries about time-off or payroll.

The Well-Informed Employee

HR management software allows employees to view their personal information such as payroll details and have access to official documents and letters at all times. With an ESS system, employees can access online payslips, update bank account information, confirm benefits, and request leave with just the click of a button. 

This online portal also enhances communication between inter-office and intra-office, resulting in better utilization of company resources. This service management approach provides employees with the necessary tools and information to be more self-reliant and only turn to HR managers when absolutely necessary. 

There will always be a need for a one-on-one session with a manager, whether to increase compensation or review benefits. Taking this into account, the HR department needs to be free of administrative-intensive tasks so they can focus on helping employees develop their careers and remain engaged in their work environment. 

A single user-friendly gateway provides employees with the benefit of efficiently accessing and updating a wide range of HR tasks that previously required a mountain load of paperwork and constant monitoring from HR managers. This positive user experience empowers employees, which in turn leads to overall greater productivity and job satisfaction.