Mobile Payslips: Once a Luxury, Now a Requirement

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Mobile phones were originally founded based on talking to another person no matter their location. Over the years, mobile phone technology has drastically evolved so that now most of the communication is digital rather than voice. Camera, storage, entertainment, and apps are fast expanding mobiles’ functionality in general. Businesses, in particular, are reaping the benefits of all company personnel utilizing smartphones and having access to the internet at all times without worry of the current location. As we take in the effects of the global pandemic around us, companies are quickly learning that a remote workforce is becoming the norm rather than the exception. In this regard, a tool like mobile payslips which was once considered a luxury has now become a requirement.

Most jurisdictions around the world mandate the issue of a payslip to all their employees promptly. Failure to do so is considered a break of labor law and the penalties for non-compliance can be severe, which is why companies are adamant about ensuring that all personnel receives their payslips on time, every time. In the last few months, global payroll teams have stepped up their game to ensure there are no hiccups in each organization’s critical transaction to pay its people. So when the working world went mobile, it was only logical for payslips to follow suit. A mobile payslip allows employees to access their details and view current and past payslips with one swipe, anywhere, anytime. 


By providing employees online access to their payroll details, companies are not required to print or post them. In addition to savings on paper and postage, you are also freeing up staff and other resources to complete projects outside of the office. Employees don’t need to be chained to a desk at all times to retrieve their payment records; they can work in the field, in warehousing or retail operations without any hindrance to accessing their payslip when necessary.

Going Green

Digitizing payslips automatically reduces your carbon footprint. When you make payroll records available via iPhone, Android or other suitable smartphone or tablet devices, you are reducing the usage of paper and ink, thereby, creating an environmental win for your organization. Employees will no longer need to store stacks of past payslips to meet evidence requirements for loans and mortgage applications. Even when it comes to tax time, they will be able to view, download, and print the required information hassle-free.

More Security

With mobile payslips, there is less risk of confidential financial information finding itself in the wrong hands. Employees are provided with a secure user and login to their self-service account so only they can access their payments, tax, and deduction records at any given time.  Further security measures such as pin protection and digital encryption are included to lessen the risk of privacy invasion.

Full transparency

Each payslip is uniquely personalized, so it not only fits every mobile screen size and capabilities but is also branded in line with specific company guidelines. This way, the mobile payslip can be viewed clearly and accurately whether they are depicted on a flip phone with a small screen or a smartphone with a larger touchscreen.

We already have to deal with uncertain times, we shouldn’t have to deal with unexpected payment delays. Now with mobile payslips becoming a regular feature amongst organizations, employers and employees alike will be able to get back in the loop of business as usual.