How Employee Self-Service Portals Blend Motivation with Efficiency

ess mobile app dubai

Employee self-service (ESS) systems are a great way to simplify many HR processes and create more time to attend to the core and more strategic duties. Both HR professionals and employees benefit from this setup. It frees the personnel department from responding to routine requests and empowers individuals to access HR services without the need to send an email.

Using an ESS portal is intuitive with a user-friendly design that most individuals are accustomed to since many other essential services for our daily lives have also migrated online. Providing these HR services at the fingertips adds comfort and confidence at the workplace as employees only need to make a few clicks to fulfill their requests. The self-service system enhances employee morale and efficiency in the three key aspects explained below.

Faster HR Processes

An ESS portal allows employees to make changes quickly and update personal information such as their home address without the need to reach out to HR. Managers can confirm changes on-screen once they are entered and received. Employee communications can also be quickly disseminated online to ensure prompt delivery. Scenarios such as a pandemic can lead to employees evaluating their benefits and expediting certain requests to assist with day-to-day expenses. Such quick turnarounds save the time of HR teams while giving staff convenience and control.

Better Data Management 

Some things are so apparent that it is difficult to understand why everyone’s not already doing them. An ESS portal for leading companies in global cities like Dubai enables essential documents and information to be shared on-demand. At any time, employees can look back over what’s been communicated, agreed and shared from a centralized, controlled source.

By making it easy for employees to check back on crucial pieces of information, at any time, means you’re delivering an invaluable employee experience. They no longer have to spend valuable time hunting around for that email that confirms their leave or wait for their manager, the HR, or the People team to come back to them with the information they need.

24/7 Connectivity 

Creating a tailored and targeted communication strategy for your workforce can provide every employee with the information they need when needed in a personalized fashion. Deliver information that can be consumed quickly, on the go through an ESS mobile app, which offers the convenience that people have come to expect in modern times.

Keeping employees informed about company changes, and the latest intel will breed trust and engagement. With a self-service HR and People system, employees can set email update preferences and log in whenever they fancy making it easy to access company updates on their phones, as they might access news sites.

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