Clock Your HR Department With Time & Attendance

Clock Your HR Department With Time & Attendance

Attendance management is one of the crucial aspects of human capital management in organizations. Done correctly, it can save the company significant resources and time. If done incorrectly, however, it can become quite a stressful exercise for the human resource departments. Simply put, attendance management helps the executive keep track of the employee hours. 

Here are some considerations for the organizations to ensure that their attendance management systems work for greater productivity and performance of the business.

Cloud-based Attendance Management

Many modern HCM software suites come with integrated attendance management modules. These functions allow the use of cloud technology to ensure that the attendance and time of the employees are properly tracked and are kept accessible for executives even when they are not physically present in the office. With a cloud-based HR software suite, almost all aspects of attendance management can be automated. Besides, they also allow for cross-verification with the company’s physical attendance trackers, resulting in minimization of inconsistencies. They also come with various tools and techniques that will enable faster calculation of wages and the generation of insightful reports to show the attendance patterns of the employees. An online attendance management system that tracks login and logouts has become necessary for all organizations in the post-pandemic workspace, where remote work options are popular.


Setting clear and realistic expectations with regard to attendance is a crucial component of attendance management. The HR executives should ensure that the required attendance patterns comply with prevailing labour regulations and are proactively disclosed to the employees. Cloud HR software tools generally come with email features that can be used for this purpose. In addition, employees should be allowed to apply for leaves and get them approved through employee self-service portals. Attendance and salary norms can also be made available to the employees through the same portal.

Payrolls and Attendance

Since employee attendance patterns have a lot to do with the payroll, it is crucial to be accurate in recording the attendance and time the employee has worked. It is a time-consuming and highly error-prone exercise to analyse attendance data manually. This becomes particularly hard when the workforce is large and dispersed in separate locations in the context of remote work. Using cloud HR software that has an integrated payroll system, the tool can be used to calculate every aspect of attendance, including working hours, leaves of absence, overtime, pay deductions, etc. This keeps the link between payrolls and attendance accurate and minimizes the possibility of errors and confusion in the future.


Attendance policies that are too rigid can affect employee morale and can potentially push them towards burnout. It is usually seen that when employees are given very little time for recreation, absenteeism increases, and the organization’s bottom-line declines. It is, thus, crucial that the attendance policy is kept flexible. The concerns and requirements of the employees regarding attendance should be addressed by providing greater flexibility. The employees can also be given the option to work from home wherever appropriate.

With robust HCM software that allows for various aspects of attendance management like productivity tracking, wage calculation, and compliance verification, attendance management can be smoothly conducted and facilitate greater organizational productivity.