Are Automated HR Systems Losing The Human Touch?

cloud hr software

Human resources automation has allowed companies to reap many benefits in terms of efficiency, productivity and growth, but is there such a thing as too much automation? The answer to that lies in the fact that at one time or another, every business out there will face a certain complexity that will only be resolved with a human touch. Luckily, today’s automated systems encompass a combination of technology and people skills that help companies drive towards organizational development by collating several different working systems into one.

Recruitment Done Right

Job seekers can register and log in via the company portal to search for potential vacancies and apply to published ones. They can directly upload their resumes with any multimedia attachments such as certificates, recommendation letters and interview videos. Once the recruitment process is underway, the candidate can receive regular job notifications, invitations for interviews and confirmations of submitted applications. Even though the entire procedure is done digitally, each applicant is given the necessary attention and assistance required.

Organized Onboarding 

Once employees have been hired, they need to be made welcome and provided plenty of on-the-job-training to help them fit in seamlessly. Every organization has a different approach when it comes to helping new hires become familiar with the company culture, and more businesses are looking to integrate HR systems to assist their new employees in becoming effective and included from day one. HR software tools can answer any pressing questions to help new additions setup to speed and provide them with necessary names, locations and contact details so they can find the right information from the right person.    

Thoughtful Training

HR management software assists new hires in sending out online training requests and providing the necessary information to sign up for the appropriate training course complete with location details. Post-training, employees can find out their assessment results online, where they will also be requested to leave feedback showcasing their importance and inclusion in the company. Team managers can view the results and track the training progress of any new employee, giving them the insight to better manage the available skillset. This critical information will not only help validate the employee’s position but also attract top talent and reduce employee attrition down the road.

Evaluating Performance

While the technological aspect of HR systems provide managers and executives with accurate numbers and facts about profits and losses, the humanistic side of the software delivers meticulous diagnoses on employee performances. Several HR systems today are equipped with human capital management services, which enable employees, managers and executives with an efficient work path to plan evaluation reviews, complete self-evaluation assessments and dissect performance scores to enhance future business decisions. While all the details are scored and secured on a digital dashboard, employees are able to review their recorded grievances and objections and discuss with them their managers at the next opportune meeting. Similarly, since evaluators will have direct access to employee feedback, they will be better prepared to have constructive discussions about future compensation, benefits and promotions.

Over the years, technology has drastically changed how the human resources department works. Integrated HR systems have automated numerous manual tasks so employees can focus on efficient decision-making and effective strategizing. Utilization of technology on such a mass level increases a company’s fear that both their employees and the company culture are at risk of losing out on people interaction, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Current cloud HR software is combining automation with innovation to result in a solution that delivers streamlined processes with just the right touch of human instinct added to it.