6 Strategies To Employ To Keep Your Payroll System Secure

HR And Payroll Softwares

Your payroll system holds a lot of sensitive information regarding your company, its policies, regulations, and even data regarding employees and their daily activities. It is important to keep all these records secure and confidential in the best way possible at all times. This can be done using the following six strategies that are listed below that can help keep the payroll system more safe.  

1. Non-Disclosure

An important feature that your payroll management system must already include is the non-disclosure of all the client data and information. In this way, none of the data can be remotely accessed by any unauthorized employee and the users are bound to keep all details to themselves. 

Users can be added and deleted on the main portal but sharing of files across users and non-users remains impossible. Any and every clause in employment contracts, code of ethics and anti-bribery policy are taken into consideration as well.

2. Encryption

All of your data can be encrypted using the Oracle Encryption Feature AES256 which will allow for the information in the system to be safe and secure. This way only users who have access to the system can use their ID credentials and access the information as and when needed. The data is otherwise stored as a code that cannot be deciphered without having access to the system. 

3. Physical Office Security

As the employees work within the confines of a physical office location, it is also useful to have that space secured. In this way, no other non-office person can access the computers and desktops that store all the information and credentials of a user. 

In order to do so, the payroll and attendance monitoring system can work in a combination to check each individual who enters the office space. This can be done by installing cameras throughout the building and also using fingerprint access for each employee to enter the space. 

4. Access Control

You can also control the access to the system at a function that will allow for more control at a user level. Furthermore, reports on the user level can also be accessed by designated personnel who can look at the individuals who access the system. Anything amiss can be easily caught in this way and the data can be protected efficiently. 

A firewall (DMZ) is also provided by the payroll software system which ensures that any external access is restricted. You can also enable only access to servers through cabling which would limit,  if not completely eliminate remote access.

5. Secure File Exchange

A tool is installed within proficient payroll systems wherein secure files can be exchanged between users that are on the server. This way, all payslips will also be encrypted along with https and aliases and all exchanges will remain protected and secure at all times. 

6. Backup and Recovery

Each piece of information that is introduced into the system can be further protected with more measures. As for data backup, there are both primary and secondary locations where the information can be stored and retrieved upon any damage or security breach. This way you can access the data when any of the locations are experiencing any repair or malfunction as well. The disaster recovery feature is included within the greater idea of data backup.

Using these 6 features that are included in global payroll solutions as well as other payroll processing services, your firm will be ultimately benefited in all ways. If not you will need to enquire further about having these strategies included in the payroll system and increase your data protection measures.