4 Tips To Show Employee Appreciation During The Holidays

4 Tips To Show Employee Appreciation During The Holidays

The holidays are quickly approaching! As the year comes to a close, everyone is busy, professionally and personally. But you can’t go through the holiday season without acknowledging your staff.

Whatever you do this festive season, make it clear to your employees that you are thinking of them. It’s appropriate to show appreciation for your employees. Those recognized this holiday season are more likely to share how pleased they are to work at a company that cares about them with friends and family and on social networks.

Do you want to ensure your team feels acknowledged for all their hard work this year and be motivated going into 2023? Here are four approaches to showing appreciation to your employees.

Giving Cash or Bonuses

Some businesses choose to distribute money through bonuses, whereas others prefer to distribute gift cards or cash. If you offer bonuses, consider whether everyone should receive the same amount or whether there should be a variation based on full-time position or achievements. A season’s greetings card with a personal touch would mean the world to your employees, partners, and other company stakeholders.

Extra Time off for Vacations or Get Away as a Team

Employees benefit from time off since it helps them to regenerate and reflects that you care about their well-being. Here are some suggestions on how Human Resource Management leaders can provide staff time off:

  • Company managers can inform their staff in advance to extend their vacation time. As it will allow them to arrange their holiday schedule accordingly and avoid any last-minute alterations.
  • Managers can also make their company calendar flexible, allowing employees to select certain vacation days and be willing to give employees some leeway if they require it.

Holiday Employee Perks

Managers can also consider providing holiday-specific rewards to recognize staff for their efforts. For example, by providing flexible work arrangements around the holidays or unrestricted paid time off.

Pay It Forward

The holidays are a great opportunity to spread your good fortune. Managers can pay it forward by participating in charity donations. They can consider making donations in the names of employees. It can be to a charity the company currently supports or, even ideal, to a charity chosen by your staff. Giving employees a compensated volunteer day is another way to pay it forward. Ideally, this should be a collaborative project in which the entire staff participates. Employees should be paid for the entire day, but volunteering should not be required. Employees should be able to opt out without feeling obligated to do so.