Statutory Compliance & Filing

At BSH, we have developed strategic practices and procedures that enable us to help our clients in the accurate processing of payroll and in ensuring compliance. In addition to that, we offer efficient, stress-free assistance and solutions in statutory filing and payments, subject to local restrictions and regulations.

Guaranteed Compliance & Convenient Filing Practices

BSH has put in place a highly robust process across all countries to deliver:

Compliance with local statutory rules and regulations


Registration* of HR events (e.g. changes in salary, hires, leavers, etc.)

Updating statutory regulations is an ongoing process that relies on:

Subscription to EY’s Global Tax News Update and other partners’ publications

Monthly reviews of announcements and/or regulation changes on each authority’s website

Confirmation of changes via monthly visits to authorities by our BSH local teams

*Declarations and registrations are performed online or in-person according to each country’s statutory legislation and availability of online portals. Not all services are available in all countries covered.