Implementation & Integration

Streamlined Implementation

At BSH, our solid setup process and implementation expertise allows us to undertake major projects and execute complex implementations in less than three months. We take great pride in stating that most of our small and medium business clients have gone live in under two months.

All of this is made possible through our strategic sealed end-to-end implementation process beginning with gap analysis and data collection until performing parallel runs. We employ a unique, user-friendly cloud-based workbook to gather information about setup parameters, calculation methods, controls, data formats, and other required add-ons.

Clients can conveniently monitor the implementation project’s progress and track task execution for both BSH and themselves. Our process generates automated reports and alerts that are sent to the Implementation Consultants and officers overseeing the project to ensure that actions are closed on time to prevent any delays. Client changes in the previously agreed upon schedule can be catered to and the full project plan is adjusted automatically to accommodate for the change.

Hassle-Free Data Preparation, Migration, & Integration

Many large clients continue to face challenges when trying to share their payroll data with an outsourcing vendor, or even internally with their finance team. They commonly look for a simple solution to provide an effective, user-friendly means of collating and properly preparing their data for processing. At BSH, we provide such a solution in a single workstation that has all the required tools to facilitate a streamlined data migration process that includes data collection, validation, and the editing of all the input sent by different systems including HCM, Time & Attendance, Bonus, manual feed, Excel sheets, and so on. Our customizable payroll and HR software is highly flexible and can adapt to migrations from both old and new systems under the expertise of our seasoned developers and the toolset that we provide.

Our vast experience in data migration coupled with our highly efficient data mapping and loading tools (BSH Loader) allows us to deliver custom solutions to help our clients manage their input accurately and effectively, whether they require data preparation, editing or validation; in addition to migrating their data into our platform. Our payroll platform seamlessly integrates with other leading HRMS and ERP systems either directly or via a middle service provider platform. We have implemented integration projects with leading global platforms including ADP, Workday, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, and Sage (amongst others), to facilitate the fast, streamlined import and export of automated data.

Following the validation and loading stages, authorized users (clients and / or BSH specialists) can conveniently access and edit the data on a single platform prior to processing. The platform also keeps a record of changes, allowing users to track when the edits were made and by whom.

Once data is validated and loaded, authorized users, including the client HR team and our BSH payroll specialists, can conveniently access a single hub to review and edit the input before releasing the data for processing. The included change tracking provides useful audit trails that allow managers to identify when and by whom the data was edited.

As part of ongoing upgrades to the platform, BSH has invested in creating a generic client specific workstation and updated the BSH Loader to become a powerful middleware connector tool. This updated client platform connector allows users to set up their data fields and validation rules for a specific country as well as allow client officers to map their data sources and fields to the platform’s defined fields. Clients are able to view and edit their data in the workstation using their own formatting and validations. Once the data has been reviewed and released for processing, the connector tool converts the data into the BSH platform’s required format to allow for further review and validation, both by the system itself and by the payroll specialist. The data will then be processed by the regular payroll engine as though it were input directly into the system.

Projected availability of the workstation upgrade is scheduled for Q2, 2022.