Personalizing Cloud-based HR Solutions For A Positive Employee Experience

HR functions that ensure employees have quality relations with the human resources departments are deemed the finest. For instance, timely and accurate payroll delivery is vital for a positive employee experience. If payroll fails to be proper, employees are not likely to be impressed by performance perks or other benefits. Being an interaction relied on by all workers, a proactive employee engagement plan should give priority to payroll. Therefore, it is important to personalize HR services to enhance the whole employee experience. 

Employee self-service tools 

An employee self-service portal is an effective way for workers to get empowered by participating in the management of their preferences and information. Nowadays, self-service tools enable employees to fill in their details, download payslips, request time-offs, and much more. Aside from letting employees get involved in the payroll process, these services relieve human resources professionals of the need to constantly update information. 

Furthermore, self-service functions provide companies with a line of contact to the workforce all through the employee life cycle. Various tools help workers navigate professional development plans and onboarding, and a few incorporate performance review and goal-setting capabilities. Using the ESS software, employees can keep track of their eligibility and enroll in many benefit programs such as vision and dental insurance, health savings, and savings accounts. Employee self-service portals also give them a single source for all company data, such as policies, handbooks, and announcements, cutting down miscommunication and confusion.

Time attendance management system 

With time attendance management software, employees no longer have to worry about inaccuracies in their paychecks. They can easily schedule leave, request shift changes and time-off. Employees can also communicate with the HR team about tardiness or absences. Cloud-based systems enhance employee engagement by enabling them to focus on their work instead of worrying about their schedules or paychecks. 

Payslip messages 

Including messages on payslips is a means to communicate with the workforce. From promotions for corporate programs and cultural events to milestone celebrations and award announcements, payslip messages offer employers a chance to speak to the workers. Personalization could also take the form of messages inviting employees to take part in an official survey, encouraging them to follow the social media handles of the company, or even a simple seasonal greeting. 

Voucher programs 

From gym memberships to lunch passes, voucher programs render compensation packages attractive. A lot of employees rely on these subsidies and benefits. For an evolving and global workforce composed of people with varying preferences and perspectives, a one-size-fits-all benefits model fails in personalization. Therefore, business leaders can customize perks depending upon the employee’s choice and elevate the work experience. 

Why personalize?

Personalizing various aspects of work can lead to an increase in employee engagement, one of the most important indicators in gauging work satisfaction. According to the recent Gallup survey, disengaged employees can result in 37% higher absenteeism, 18% lower productivity, and 15% lower profitability within the workplace. Hence, investing in the personalization of payroll and similar services is a crucial step towards building a rewarding employer-employee relationship.

In recent years, cloud technology has forayed into human resources management leading to the conception of cloud-based HR software. These solutions have been designed to simplify administrative tasks such as record-keeping and payroll and improve the employee experience.