Payroll Services: What ‘oPay’ Offers Your Business

payroll and attendance

Payroll systems are central to the HR department as well as the company as a whole. These systems perform a crucial function in ensuring accurate and timely payment to employees. But growing demands by companies and expanding workforces are also creating the need for faster turnarounds that are both accurate and secure. 

Along with the ever-expanding needs, advanced payroll systems also need to be able to settle the maximum amount from commissions, bonuses, and overtime due to employees each month. All these unique and smart features can only be provided by a highly advanced HR system such as oPay. 

One-Click Generation 

oPay, an advanced payroll application developed by BSH, enables complete automation for employee payment-related processes. The system seamlessly integrates with leading payroll platforms to answer all company and HR requirements and delivers an end-to-end automated process driven by one-click actions. 

All the payroll elements are effectively managed by oPay, so it only requires a single command or action to dispatch payments. With a direct link to payroll and attendance monitoring and other key systems, the application ensures precise calculations for salaries. In addition, instant updates and integration across the payroll management portal enables companies to benefit from oPay’s one-click automation capabilities. 

Greater Control Over Payroll 

oPay offers full control of the payroll cycle. It enables companies to adjust pay elements with customized rules for payroll groups, time periods, and various categories relating to overtime and absence. Other benefits with a direct link to time attendance management systems and key employee data are also managed and displayed on this platform. 

While payroll processing runs on a preset cycle related to pay elements, oPay provides clients the capabilities to set up pay groups according to the entity, country, or even at cross-country levels. It provides a user-friendly environment where companies can pre-define yearly cycles and time tables. 

With oPay, HR departments can make instant changes to payroll with a last-minute configuration of pay dates, pay-slip delivery dates, and off-cycle runs that can be quickly arranged and processed outside the regular cycle.

Auto-Audit Of Payroll & Auto-Processing Of Requests

oPay further ensures effective monitoring of the entire payroll process and all related data. With complete control over the process, it commands the total management of information. The regulatory role allows fast and reliable auto audits while extending capabilities for alterations even after the payroll dispatch. Companies can generate payrolls and also reverse payrolls with oPay in case of any sudden developments. 

The application manages accruals calculation and posting while automatically managing tax and social insurance deductions as per the country’s law and policies. oPay even handles reruns to ensure efficiency in operations, while making sure to record time and reason for the repeated process. The interface’s automation extends to requests and reports as well. oPay allows auto-generation and posting of payroll reports, bank files, and fund appeals while requests for past pay-slips can be made and received via the self-service portal. 

oPay is definitely an effective application in the Middle East payroll systems market. Created by BSH, the application is a comprehensive package that is guaranteed to address all the demands of a high-level automated payroll system. It possesses the key features that are required from a modern-day payroll management service and can help transform your HR department today.