HR Managers Befriending Automation for Ultimate Tracking

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Tracking within an organization is the process of closely following and studying employee data. The main objective is to use the information gathered to improve aspects such as systems, performance, engagement and productivity. This dedicated approach has existed since the very concept of business, but the method of tracking has evolved over the years.

With today’s fast-paced growth, there is an increasing need to leverage HR automation for tracking. Using computerized systems to collect and organize data is an effective way to save time, and provide professionals with more resources to analyze data and results. However, to understand the true potential of automation in tracking, we need to explore how HR managers are already harnessing the latest HR tools to make informed decisions. 

Recruitment And Onboarding 

The requirement process can be labour intensive from job posting to resume collection and final selection. HR automation comes to the rescue here by keeping a close tab on all the incoming applications. A computerized process scans the resumes for keywords related to the job profile and only shortlists suitable candidates.

HR automation also helps during the onboarding stage by keeping track of the progress made in reading company policies and getting familiar with processes. Automated updates and alerts are also sent to the employee as reminders to complete their orientation. 


Advanced HR management software tracks every employee’s schedule through automated data collection. A digital application analyzes timesheets and provides insightful information about working hours that helps to improve workflow. This function is even more important today when it comes to assessing employees working from home. By studying computer-generated statistics, HR managers can ascertain the best way to support staff working remotely.

Performance Management 

An HR management system with performance monitoring helps managers to learn about staff productivity. It tracks specific parameters in real-time to fully understand the optimum output levels and moments when productivity begins to decline. This type of follow-up helps identify any issues in the early stages itself, which can be accordingly addressed through guidance and training. 

Leave And Absence Management

Manual calculation and approval of leaves can be considerably time-consuming since it involves the long process of checking leave balance, getting manager approval, and finally recording the leave for payroll calculation. Automated tracking of leave applications helps to make things easier for employees and managers with a digital record of all activity. Leave balance is automatically adjusted and time-off, or any days of absence, are instantly reflected in the system for payroll calculations.  


Exit interviews can be constructive in gathering information about ways to enhance employee retention in the future. But traditional, paper-based exit interviews can be time-consuming. Tracking outgoing employees with HR automation during this stage offers scope to identify potential problems through data collected. The digital approach provides actionable data to improve employee satisfaction and reduce the turnover rate.

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