Gear Up Your Business With Time & Attendance

time attendance management

Every business around the world accounts for the time and attendance of its employees through a specified form of traditional or advanced system of tracking. As compared to a more manual form of recording these aspects, advanced software can help your business run more efficiently. The following features will help you understand why gearing up your enterprise with greater time and attendance software will help your business prosper better. 

1. Inclusive

Many features are included within the time and attendance aspect of a Human Resources (HR) software system. This web-workflow-based service goes hand in hand with the payroll system that accounts for all types of leaves such as paid, unpaid, requested, sick, among others. In terms of timely attendance, it is possible to integrate this software with other systems that help keep track of the entry and exit times of each employee. 

All kinds of leave requests – be it new, old, canceled as well as those that are needed upon return from the absence – are provided by this HR system. It is also inclusive in terms of the people who can access the platform and interact with it. All employees, employers, managers and officers can plan, submit, accept and approve the leave requests. This is, of course, dependent on the eligibility and validity of the absence that can be documented by the systems. 

2. Accountable

Once any leave, absence or late requests are put into the system and have been checked and approved by a manager, the system stores this information and keeps it for future use. Such a purpose includes calculating the payroll accordingly or making any changes to the eligibility of absences in the future. This can be set into the software by creating rules such as entitlement, entitlement period, minimum service period, maximum open balance among many others.  

In terms of any time attendance management, all work schedules can be planned and imprinted on to the system. According to the criteria set up in the system when introduced within a business, the software will provide all performance reports and follow procedures on a daily basis. Any public holidays, weekends or specified time schedules are also accounted for by the HR software. Especially overtime hours are recorded by the system and are integrated with the payroll system of the HR software to provide optimum payslips and reports. 

3. User Friendly

The software is made to be used by all classes of employees in an organization that included the managers and officers of the business. Any transaction relating to time attendance can be loaded and edited as needed by the managers or officer which makes the software very user friendly. If the software is connected with that of an electronic reader, then employees can gain a timestamp through an eye scan or fingerprint every time they enter or leave the office. 

As the software is accountable for all aspects of keeping up with all employee absences and attendance, employees can access the system to inquire about their leave balance. This can be done as of any date which provides all employees with more convenience and saves them the effort of approaching the HR department of the company. This user-friendly aspect further increases the appeal of installing such a software in a company to facilitate all the internal mechanics such as time and attendance recordings. 

If an optimal HR system is introduced within an organization, it can be greatly rewarded with proper time and attendance management among many other beneficial features. This will keep all the employee records error-free, accurate and up to date with any modification made to the system.