How HR Software Helps Manage Talent in The New Normal

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An HR department is responsible for onboarding and cultivating talent, but since COVID-19 is providing limitations in search and management techniques, companies are turning to HR software as a viable option to fine-tune their recruitment process. This solution has been designed for recruiters, talent acquisition professionals and hiring managers to source, select, screen and interview potential candidates so they can become part of a productive workforce that will continue to optimize business value.

Identify and Attract

The first step to ensure that an organization’s needs will be met is to identify the skills, diversity and competencies required, which will combine performance targets with management goals. Once managers are aware of what talent requirements are necessary to fill in the gaps, they can begin promoting open positions. Now with web-based access, employers can set up vacancy postings detailing job descriptions and matching criteria to job seekers either within the company or to external sources such as career portals, social media and referrals. Simultaneously, current employees or potential candidates can login and register on the company website to perform a generic or more advanced search for vacancies by department, criteria or salary. They can then create their resume, add the necessary attachments, upload it, and apply to any or all of the published vacancies that match their requirements.  

Select and Onboard

Once a candidate is picked out from the pool of applicants, the interview process begins. Not too long ago, this procedure usually included a series of written tests, several rounds of interviews and many group discussions, not to mention in-depth assessments for a decision to be made. Thanks to cloud HR software, after the job postings are published online, employers receive a detailed report with an auto-match of candidates and vacancies, complete with a matching ratio. They can view these applications on the go and send out interview notifications at the click of a button. At the same time, job seekers can regularly check their dashboard for any interview alerts.


Once employees change their tag from potential to current, the HR department becomes even more incentivized to provide them with a highly efficient working environment from the word go. Cloud HR software offers a web-based service to provide HR offices and managers with an effective plan to manage competencies and skill gaps and receive system-generated recommendations for specialized training. Employees are encouraged to register for training courses that can help them develop the right attitude and specific skill-set to excel in the firm, and they can submit these training requests and receive approvals online.


A company’s success depends on its profits and losses, but in order for that to be sustainable, it needs to retain its top talent. HR software can readily assist managers with setting up evaluation types and factors which can be used to evaluate each employee while employees can use the software tools to complete self-evaluations and record any grievances or objections they have. Regular feedback through workflow-based online evaluation forms can deliver important insights when it comes to decisions on promotions, increment increases, opportunity growth or involvement in special projects.

Businesses are always in need of diversification and innovation; however, the new normal is causing companies to rethink their talent acquisition and management strategies. The availability of human resource management software, however, can not only assist managers in identifying appropriate candidates to roles but also anticipate any workforce training needs in advance.