Management Strategies For Remote Employees

cloud payroll solutions

There is a greater need than ever before to leverage technology in employee management.

According to recent reports, remote work is here to stay, with opportunities expanding throughout 2023. In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region alone, 90% of professionals expect remote work to grow even further. Being in one of the world’s fastest-paced markets, human resource (HR) managers in the region must continuously navigate these unprecedented changes in working conditions and find reliable solutions to adapt to them. To this end, using cloud-based software for human capital management in Dubai is the best strategy.


The Best Management Strategies Using Cloud-Based Software

  • Cloud Payroll Solutions

One of the challenges that HR managers may face during remote work is the differences between compensation regulations and currencies among employees working across various locations. With the help of cloud payroll solutions, they can deliver a timely, accurate, and secure payroll.

Cloud payroll solutions are multi-country, tackling and resolving conflicting laws and regulations, along with data restrictions, as the computation of employee salaries becomes automated.

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Traditional face to face office transactions are often dispensed with during remote work. Otherwise, workers and managers alike would have to live under the stress of going to the office from time to time just to perform incidental business transactions.

With cloud-based ESS software in Dubai however, all applicants and employees can inquire and submit requests using any device from wherever they are. On the other hand, managers and officers would have an easier access to pending transactions in such a way that they can timely act on them. This is because ESS software in Dubai utilizes a workflow-based approval system that alerts a manager if he or she is due to approve a request or answer an inquiry.

  • Recruitment to Performance Evaluation Process

For businesses to succeed, it is vital to give focus on the workforce across all processes in their employment — from recruitment to evaluation. This will ensure that they grow into better performing individuals, contributing to the attainment of the long-term goals of organizations. With this, it is crucial to continuously ensure that all employee processes are streamlined, enhanced, and improved amidst new working conditions.

With the help of a software for human capital management in Dubai, employers can automate and simplify all these processes. For example, in the process of recruitment, HR managers can filter personal data of candidates in order to easily find who among them has the necessary qualifications. Aside from that, they can also process requests for training, and generate relevant reports and statistics pertaining to them to see how they have improved.


Make Managing Remote Employees Easier

Make managing employees easier amidst new working conditions and distances through a reliable cloud-based HR software available in the MENA region. For more details, request a demo with BSH Soft and start your journey towards an optimized employee management process.