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Human Resource Services

Offering flexible HR support to meet your business requirements. We handle operational and administrative HR services for effective human capital management, including performance evaluation, training, recruitment, competency management and other HR requests. In addition, our strategic HR team is equipped to cater to all your strategic HR requirements on demand. Be our partner to streamline your HCM processes.

What’s In Store at BSH

  • Personnel Administration
  • Employee Self Service
  • Benefits Management
  • Leave of Absence
  • Travel & Expenses
  • Human Capital Management

Personnel Administration

The successful management and maintenance of personnel records and files are essential, not only for the smooth running of your organization, but also to ensure the highest degree of privacy and confidentiality to your employees.

  • Standardised Company Setup

    HR managers can now take advantage of a software that allows for the hassle-free setup of work environment information related to organizational structure such as countries, prefixes, contract types, jobs, grades, units, positions, and hierarchy.

  • Manage Employee Data Effectively

    Business owners can use our service to efficiently manage and store individual employee information profiles and employment details, and other relevant personnel documentation including passport details, bank accounts, residency, education, company assets, training, performance, etc.

  • Hassle-free Paperwork

    Effectively process and generate employee certificate requests for salary certificates, employment service certificates, bank letters and identification, as well as providing web access for employees to access their personnel information.

Employee Self Service

Across all business areas, our platform is driven by a user-friendly Employee Self Service (ESS) module that reduces the administrative work of HR professionals while empowering the HR team and encouraging autonomy within the organization.

  • Conveniently Access Employee Information at Any Time

    As an online portal accessible anywhere, our ESS system makes it easier for employers and employees to inquire, submit and approve or reject requests from anywhere via an easy-to-use interface.

  • Outsource HR Responsibilities

    We enhance productivity and long-term development of your company by empowering employees and reducing HR managers’ heavy administrative tasks. With our service, employers no longer have to manually respond to routine transactional requests, and employees enjoy ease of access to HR services without the long-route of sending emails or filling out forms.

  • Ensure Data Protection

    Secure and protect all critical data in one sophisticated portal instead of utilizing multiple files or systems. This feature of the ESS portal increases time-efficiency in an organization and helps reduce internal costs. The ESS system utilizes a workflow-based approval system along with efficient timely notifications regarding any status changes and alerts for vital information.

Benefits Management

Having an employee benefits package in place not only attracts top talent but also helps in employee retention. BSH differentiates your business from competitors with an HR software that manages employee benefits effectively while ensuring you comply with labor laws and regulations.

  • Setup Benefit Management Record; Company Loans

    Track your benefit packages with our service. We manage tickets, loans, schooling aids or custom tailored benefit schemes.Our benefits management system provides employees, managers and officers with a highly efficient environment to request and approve loans of different types, with ease.

  • Tickets & Schooling For Dependants

    We serve as a robust platform to plan, request and approve yearly tickets for employees and their families with required eligibility rules and validations. BSH’s benefits management software enables HR managers to efficiently plan, request and approve schooling fees for the employees’ children with required eligibility rules and validations.

  • Custom-made Benefit Packages

    For businesses who provide specific benefits for their employees, our software can be tailored to your organization. Our technical and functional expertise have given us the capability to customize client-specific benefits schemes.

Leave of Absence

At BSH, we recognize the importance of monitoring and measuring absences – both planned (annual, sick, unpaid) and unplanned. Our software allows HR managers the ability to generate and analyze reports to assess if existing initiatives to reduce unplanned absences are effective.

  • Setup time schedules, public holidays & weekends

    Simplify and streamline your time, attendance, and leave processing with a robust and cost-effective cloud-based software.

  • Track Your Attendance & Absences

    Our software allows HR managers to track leave balances to accurately award and approve planned absences (leaves) or time-off requests without the need for manual transactional processes.

  • Manage Your Work Calendar

    This web-workflow-based service is available in Processing mode in full integration with payroll and Time & Attendance. It provides employees, managers & officers with a highly efficient environment to plan, request, and approve statutory leave types with required eligibility rules & validations.

Travel & Expenses

Expense management is key for the successful running of an organization. Our web based software allows you to effectively process and manage expenses, in processing mode, all while being incorporated with payroll.

  • Business Travel Setup Made Easier

    Effectively manage and set up expense types, trip destinations with associated per-diem, transport, accommodation, ticket class and travel-days rates all with eligibility rules and validations based on employee groups.

  • Manage Travel & Expenses Online

    You can now apply for expense claims, business trip request(s) and/or change(s), business trip reconciliation with advance, post expenses to payroll after approval, and request other versatile expense and business trip reports. You can also obtain workflow approval for all requests in an effective paperless manner.

  • Flexibility In Options

    Our software provides employees, managers and officers with a convenient facility to request advances and/or claim expenses or business trips based on actual and/or pre-defined rules and amounts.

Human Capital Management

At BSH, we are committed to helping you achieve the highest degree of organizational efficiency through our premium HR services. Our premium software service provides employees, managers, and officers an effective tool to plan evaluation reviews, self-evaluations, and performance scores.

  • A Simplified Way of Taking Evaluations

    Give your employees an easier alternative to conduct self-evaluations, record grievances and objections, as well as access to online workflow-based evaluation forms.

  • Training & Competency Management

    Our software tool offers employees, managers and officers a highly efficient approach to registering courses; including their location, target audience, skill levels, costs, timings, etc. as well as planning and approving requests for training and tracking the appropriate training expenses. Our software service provides managers and HR officers with a highly efficient and intelligent environment to plan and manage competencies and skill gaps, as well as recommendations for training.

  • Update Your Recruitment Practices

    Our service tool enables employers to adopt effective recruitment practices and strategies in an efficient manner. Integrated in processing mode with our personnel administration service and other HCM services, it provides applicants, employees, managers and officers with a highly efficient environment to plan recruitment, interviews and job offers.

See What Our Customers Are Saying

  • “I have personally had experiences in North America with home grown systems, Datatel, and PeopleSoft. I find the HRbase BSH product to be superior.”

    Jim Horn
    Zayed University - UAE
  • “BSH has been a reliable partner to my organization, helping us reduce cost and maximize outputs through their HCM services. With their assistance, we have been able to improve employee relations, and streamline hiring orientation. Their team of professionals has offered us uncompromised support and efficiency.”

    Julia Lambert
    Head of HR - NBQ - UAE
  • “What we found the best about hrbase are the great flexibility, customizability, and user friendliness. We also found that BSH people are professional, dedicated, and hard workers. We would highly recommend this company and its product to anyone who is looking for a well-designed HR Management system.”

    Hazim Al Dabbagh
    HR Director Savola Group - Retail Division, KSA
  • “Occidental of Oman has seen lots of capabilities and potentials in the hrbase system and this was the reason behind our selection of BSH. Not to mention the quality of the support we got from BSH staff, their willingness and eagerness to ensure our satisfaction with the service provided”

    Haifa Al Lawatia
    HR systems - Occidental of Oman - Muscat, Oman