This service is available in either ‘Processing’ or ‘Managed Service’ mode. In addition to its multi-country robust payroll platform, BSH provides an operational environment ‘oPay’ that offers payroll officers a streamlined one click payroll generation process eliminating human errors and delivering a timely, accurate and secure payroll.

While payroll processing runs on preset ‘Pay Cycle’ (pay group, specific period, set of pay elements), oPay provides clients with ultimate benefit to setup their pay groups at entity, country or cross-country levels.

oPay provides a user friendly environment to allow users to pre-define the yearly cycles, time tables and make instant changes to cope with last minute setup of pay dates, pay-slip delivery dates and off-cycle runs. The later can be quickly setup and processed outside the regular cycle.

To monitor operational efficiencies, oPay monitors all reruns, processing time and the reason for the rerun. Users can then use available reports to analyze the reasons for reruns, recurrent issues, processing time, etc.

HR And Payroll Softwares

Key Payroll Functions

  1. Setup pay elements and their rules, payroll groups, periods and types
  2. Setup and processing of rules-based allowances (Overtime, absence, benefits, etc.)
  3. Accruals calculation and posting
  4. Tax and social insurance country calculations
  5. Generate / Reverse payroll
  6. Automated Pay-slip delivery: Printout, secured by email or via portal
  7. Auto-generated and posting of Payroll reports, bank files, fund requests, general ledger with pre-set naming convention